WZPJ - Zombie in Wonderland

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region NTSC-J
type WiiWare
languages JA
title (EN)Zombie in Wonderland
synopsis (EN)A young hero gets involved in the attack of a sudden worldwide explosion of zombies. To save his friends from the "amorous zombies’" spell, machine gun in hand, he will have to solve the mystery of the "scented dwarves" and destroy the evil power hidden in the castle of the most northern city in Zombie Panic in Wonderland…

Zombie Panic in Wonderland is a third-person shooter game with a simple system. The player controls the character’s movements with the Nunchuk while aiming and shooting at enemies with the Wii Remote. The levels are divided into three parts and at the end of each one the player will have to defeat a final boss.

The 3D scenes are completely destructible and can be incinerated - the map of the scene changes during the game as the player destroys the objects he has within sight (from boxes of sweets to entire buildings). Two people can play at the same time in multiplayer mode and can choose between three different characters.

Fight your way through hordes of zombies with machine gun in hand
Get together with a friend and play multiplayer mode
Destroy everything you find, including the scenery!
title (ES)Zombie Panic in Wonderland
synopsis (ES)Un joven héroe se ve envuelto en el repentino ataque mundial de unos zombis. Para salvar a sus amigos del encanto de los "zombis amorosos" y, metralleta en ristre, tendrá que resolver primero el misterio de los "enanos perfumados" y destruir el poder diabólico escondido en el castillo de la ciudad más al norte de Zombie Panic in Wonderland...
title (JA)ゾンビ イン ワンダーランド
synopsis (JA)萌えと勇気と破壊が紡ぐ、新解釈のお伽噺アクションシューティング! 「桃太郎」、「オズの魔法使い」、「白雪姫」など、誰もが子供の頃に慣れ親しんだあのおとぎ話の主人公たちが、装いをまったく新たに、マシンガンを手にゾンビ退治の旅に出発!

プレイヤーは誰もが知っているおとぎ話の主人公。しかし今回の旅では豪快に武器をぶっ放し、目の前にあるものは何でもかんでもゾンビもろとも木っ端微塵に! あたり一面焼け野原になるまで破壊し尽くす、爽快感あふれるアクションシューティングを繰り広げます。

developer Akaoni Studio
publisher Akaoni Studio
release date 2010-3-16
genre action, shooter, third-person shooter
rating B

players 2
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0
version (1)


ゾンビ イン ワンダーランド WiiWare cover (WZPJ)