WPCE - Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!

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region NTSC-U
type WiiWare
languages EN
title (EN)Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!
synopsis (EN)Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! is a three-tier sampling of the Punch-Out!! gameplay, but with Doc Louis as your opponent. The game starts out in "Warm up" which is really just a clever way to say "Easy Mode." Here, the Punch-Out!! gameplay begins for the Novice – Doc telegraphs all his moves just like the Punch-Out!! opponents, but since he's on your side he actually tells you what to do with verbal commands. "Duck this one!" "Block this!" "Dodge!" He'll get roughed up, showing physical damage as you beat him up throughout the three rounds. There are no TKOs as Doc will stop the fight after being whittled down to no health.

"Training" is the second mode, which is really a "medium difficulty" mode. Doc is faster and has different moves. And he'll save himself mid-round with a bite from a candy bar. If you manage to get through this mode, "Sparring" will unlock, and this is where Doc really shows his stuff…including a crazy Star Power move.

It's no surprise that Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! feels like a demo version of Punch-Out!! released earlier this year. While it feels like a "Training Mode" for the full product, I don't think that's the game's original intention: there are a few winks and nods in the game to let people know that this is a Club Nintendo premium – Doc himself even thanks you mid-round for joining Club Nintendo (a wink to the original Punch-out!!'s "Join Club Nintendo today, Mac," which, in turn, was a little nudge to the classic 8-bit version's "Join Nintendo's Fun Club today, Mac!").
title (ES)Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!
synopsis (ES)Este minijuego es clavado al Punch-Out!! de Wii pero manejaremos a Little Mac, brindándote la posibilidad de enfrentarte a su mentor Doc Louis. Por fin, ¿quién ganará? ¿Maestro o alumno? Puede que sea la oportunidad que los fans de Punch-Out buscaban: una “muestra de afecto” hacia tu entrenador.

Disponible solo para los miemros del Club Nintendo que hayan alcanzado el nivel Platinum en el 2009
publisher Nintendo
release date 2009-10-27
genre sports, boxing
rating E10+

content cartoon violence, comic mischief

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0


Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! WiiWare cover (WPCE)

Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! WiiWare cover (WPCE)

Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! WiiWare cover (WPCE)

Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! WiiWare cover (WPCE)

Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! WiiWare cover (WPCE)
Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! WiiWare cover (WPCE)