WDSE - Dragon Master Spell Caster

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region NTSC-U
type WiiWare
languages EN
title (EN)Dragon Master Spell Caster
synopsis (EN)Master amazing magic and fierce dragon attacks to defeat the rival Champions and Dragon Lords.

This is an action game in which players control dragons that can explore fantasy environments, cast magical spells, and compete in flying challenges. Players can also battle other dragons in one-on-one, round-based combat. A health meter indicates damage inflicted, while various fire and water attacks trigger bursts of color and light.
developer Stickmen Studios
publisher Stickmen Studios
release date 2009-11-9
genre fantasy, action
rating E10+

content mild fantasy violence

players 2
req. accessories
accessories wiimote, classic controller, gamecube pad
online players 0


Dragon Master Spell Caster WiiWare cover (WDSE)

Dragon Master Spell Caster WiiWare cover (WDSE)