W8WE - Happy Holidays: Halloween

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region NTSC-U
type WiiWare
languages EN
title (EN)Happy Holidays: Halloween
synopsis (EN)Create and send fun Halloween Cards!
Create and send fun Halloween cards! Use all your imagination and dress your character with different costumes, then decorate the card choosing the background, the music, and lots of stickers. With the Wii Remote controller, you can easily navigate through the different menus and add the stickers, in the position and size of your choice. Once the card is finished, write a personal note and send it to your friends. Try out this easy and fun new software! Follow the quick tutorial to learn how to properly use it!
developer 505 Games
publisher 505 Games
release date 2010-10-18
genre drawing
rating E

players 1
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Happy Holidays: Halloween WiiWare cover (W8WE)

Happy Holidays: Halloween WiiWare cover (W8WE)