SFKEG9 - Family Party: Fitness Fun

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Family Party: Fitness Fun
synopsis (EN)Family Party: Fitness Fun is the fitness game specifically created with kids in mind exclusively for Wii. The game features 4-player simultaneous multiplayer games including boxing, roller derby, dodge ball, and more. For the first time in the Family Party series, Fitness Fun includes the Wii Balance Board providing even more active challenges. Players can choose from over a dozen cute characters dressed head-to-toe in customizable workout outfits, break a sweat as they compete and unlock new games, and achieve high scores and win medals!
title (ES)Family Party: Fitness Fun
synopsis (ES)Bienvenido a la experiencia definitiva en fitness para niños. El primer juego diseñado para que los más pequeños de la casa jueguen junto a sus padres en más de 30 divertidos minijuegos deportivos, incluyendo innovadoras actividades con la Wii Balance Board. ¡Ahora hacer ejercicio sí es divertido!
title (ZHTW)家庭聚會 歡樂瘦身(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)本作是D3的家庭聚會系列作品,是針對兒童和家人一起遊玩設計的聚會健身類遊戲。遊戲包含了30種多人的運動,聚會類遊戲,並且支持平衡板操作。

title (ZHCN)家庭派对 欢乐瘦身[平衡板](美)
developer Tamsoft
publisher D3 Publisher
release date 2010-9-28
genre party
rating E10+

content comic mischief, mild cartoon violence

players 4
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories balance board
online players 4
online features online connectivity, online download, score sharing


Family Party: Fitness Fun Wii cover (SFKEG9)

Family Party: Fitness Fun Wii cover (SFKEG9)

Family Party: Fitness Fun Wii disc (SFKEG9)