SBDK08 - Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles

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region NTSC-K
type Wii
languages KO
title (EN)Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles
synopsis (EN)Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield return in this thrilling co-op arcade shooter that relives classic moments from Resident Evil 2 and more. Battle the undead with a friend as you enter a horrific world in which the lines between good and evil are blurred and where the ultimate fight begins with your dark side.

Key Game Features

* Two-Player Co-op Shooting - Invite friends and family to experience the horror alongside you in 2-player co-op mode.
* Revisit Classic Resident Evil Levels - Experience environments and areas from classic Resident Evil titles such as Raccoon City from Resident Evil 2 and the hidden Umbrella laboratory from Resident Evil: Code Veronica, as well as scenarios that will be all new to Darkside Chronicles.
* Fan Favorite Characters Return - Play as Leon S. Kennedy, protagonist of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, his partner Claire Redfield, who appeared in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and others still to be announced.
* Customizable Weapons - Players can upgrade and customize their weapons for each battle scenario. Each playable character can be specialized for a specific combat style.
* Dynamic Difficulty - In addition to the initial settings of Easy, Normal and Hard, the game's difficulty level will adjust automatically based on the player's skill level so that both old and new fans can have a fun and challenging experience.
* Collectibles Galore - For true Resident Evil devotees, archive items such as characters, enemies, old documents and movies can be found throughout the game.
title (ES)Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles
synopsis (ES)Armado con el Wii Zapper, podrás hacer fuego para derribar a decenas de mutantes enemigos. Pero no creas que eso es todo. Vas a necesitar mucho más que ser rápido con el gatillo para hacer frente a lo que te espera en esta ocasión...
title (KO)바이오 하자드: 다크사이드 크로니클즈
title (ZHTW)惡靈古堡 黑暗面編年史[WiFi](韓)
synopsis (ZHTW)《惡靈古堡 黑暗面編年史》由 cavia 開發,是 Wii 光線槍射擊遊戲《惡靈古堡 保護傘編年史(Biohazard: The Umbrella Chronicles)》續篇新作,承襲 Wii 遙控器光線槍射擊玩法,並以系列作所未曾提及的黑暗面故事為主題。
title (ZHCN)生化危机 暗黑编年史[WiFi](韩)
developer Cavia
publisher Capcom
release date 2009-11-26
genre action, shooter, rail shooter, survival horror
rating 18

players 2
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories zapper
online players 0
online features score sharing


바이오 하자드: 다크사이드 크로니클즈 Wii cover (SBDK08)

바이오 하자드: 다크사이드 크로니클즈 Wii cover (SBDK08)

바이오 하자드: 다크사이드 크로니클즈 Wii disc (SBDK08)