SABENR - Alien Monster Bowling League

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Alien Monster Bowling League
synopsis (EN)Aliens! Monsters! Bowlers!

You might be the best bowler in the world, but are you the best bowler in the Galaxy? Compete against humans, aliens and monsters in this interstellar twist on league bowling. It takes more than a good hook shot to compete in the Alien Monster Bowling League. Power moves, special balls and Whammies bring a whole new dimension to the lanes for a bowling experience that is out of this world!

• Fearsome Competitors:
Take to the lanes against various aliens and legendary monsters like werewolves, vampires, zombies and more! Each of your fearsome foes has a unique special bowling ability, so get ready for some big surprises!
• Galactic Bowling:
You’ve never seen bowling like this. Unleash special throws with the Sonic Ball, Split Ball, Ghost Ball, Nitrous Ball and Clone Ball. Disrupt your opponents turn with Whammies that twist the lane, cause earthquakes, fire lasers and create other cosmic conundrums!
• Multiple Modes of Mayhem:
Face off against progressively stranger league bowlers in Campaign Mode or jump right into Quick Play Mode. Challenge a friend in head-to-head multiplayer and take on a test of pure bowling skill without power-ups or Whammies in Regular Mode.
• Stellar Controls:
Aim for the high score with intuitive controls that require only the Wii Remote. The Wii Motion Plus add-on is supported for the most authentic bowling experience to ever warp onto the console!
title (ES)Alien Monster Bowling League
synopsis (ES)¡Aliens! ¡Monstruos! ¡Bolos! Podrás ser el mejor jugador de bowling del planeta, ¿pero eres el mejor de toda la galaxia? Compite contra humanos, aliens y monstruos en la extravagante Alien Monster Bowling Leage y demuestra que eres un talentoso ¡fuera de este mundo!
title (ZHTW)外星怪獸保齡球聯賽[MP](美)
title (ZHCN)外星怪兽保龄球联赛[MP](美)
title (RU)Alien Monster Bowling League
synopsis (RU)Теперь не нужно куда-то идти и брать в аренду специальную обувь ради того чтобы поиграть в боулинг! Представляем вам фантастический симулятор этого вида развлечений для Wii платформы! Играйте в межгалактической монстер боулинг лиге с такими противниками как, оборотни, вампиры, зомби и многие другие. Вам на выбор предоставлен широкий вид шаров, разнообразных локаций, а также уникальных кеглей…
developer Perpetual FX Creative
publisher Data Design / Destineer Studios
release date 2009-10-27
genre sports, bowling
rating E10+

content mild cartoon violence, suggestive themes, tobacco reference

players 2
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories motion plus
online players 0


Alien Monster Bowling League Wii cover (SABENR)

Alien Monster Bowling League Wii cover (SABENR)

Alien Monster Bowling League Wii cover (SABENR)
Alien Monster Bowling League Wii disc (SABENR)

Alien Monster Bowling League Wii disc (SABENR)