RTIJ8P - Wacky World of Sports

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Wacky World of Sports
synopsis (EN)An outrageous sports game, Wacky World of Sports brings some of the world's most obscure sports to the videogame world for the first time. The game takes players on a trip around the world to take part in some of the lesser known sports of countries like Italy, the Netherlands and Australia. The ten sports featured in the game all start easy enough but the more advanced a player becomes the more extreme the sports become! Tuna Tossing has been a popular sport down under for a number of years, but just how far can a tuna be thrown in the comfort of the living room? Drag out an old armchair to take part in Furniture Racing, but make sure Grandma is not still sitting in it because those chairs are fast! And if that's still not bizarre enough, how about ironing a shirt while sky diving in the Extreme Ironing event?!
title (ES)Wacky World of Sports
synopsis (ES)¡Un viaje lleno de diversión por los deportes más alucinantes del mundo! Podrás elegir entre una variedad de personajes únicos y competir en el modo tour enfrentándote a tu familia y amigos con su modo multijugador para cuatro personas.
title (JA)珍スポーツ
synopsis (JA)Wiiウェアで人気となったギャグアクションゲーム『珍道中!!ポールの大冒険』に続く、珍シリーズ第2弾。
title (ZHTW)瘋狂世界大運動(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)由 SEGA 製作,預定 10 月底推出的 Wii 趣味運動競技派對遊戲《奇妙運動(珍スポーツ)》,現釋出其中 3 種運動競技項目「丟鮪魚大賽」、「家具賽車」、「跨河撐桿跳」的內容以及登場角色的介紹,供玩家參考。

  《奇妙運動》是款以真實存在的奇妙運動為題材的派對遊戲,收錄了 10 種新奇有趣的運動,讓玩家透過 Wii 遙控器的直覺操作來進行最多 4 人參與的派對同樂玩法。
title (ZHCN)疯狂世界大运动(日)
developer Sega
publisher Sega Japan
release date 2009-10-29
genre party
rating A

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


珍スポーツ Wii cover (RTIJ8P)

珍スポーツ Wii cover (RTIJ8P)

珍スポーツ Wii disc (RTIJ8P)