RMCE76 - Pro CT Pack

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region NTSC-U
languages EN
title (EN)Pro CT Pack
synopsis (EN)This is Huili's first Custom Track Distribution. It is a collection of the 32 hardest custom tracks he could find. This distribution was originally thought of as being the ULTIMATE Time Trial distribution in it's early phases, but with the Custom Servers up this is also Wiimmfi compatible so you can enjoy this distribution with your friends online. Huili invites you to play this distribution with those on your friend rosters so you can meet up.

Special Thanks:

-EvilM4ster for sending the PAL files.
-DabuDos for PAL Testing
developer Huili, Pro CT Pack Team
publisher Huili, Pro CT Pack Team
release date 2014-4-1
genre racing, kart racing
rating E

content comic mischief

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, classic controller, gamecube pad, wheel
online players 12
online features online connectivity, score sharing


Pro CT Pack CUSTOM cover (RMCE76)

Pro CT Pack CUSTOM cover (RMCE76)