RKVP54 - The Bigs 2: Baseball

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region PAL
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)The Bigs 2: Baseball
synopsis (EN)The BIGS™ 2 celebrates the most epic moments in Baseball and offers a refreshingly fun and dramatic experience. Fans can enjoy heroic fast-paced gameplay with new opportunities to go up against big baseball legends, more skill-testing mini-games and a variety of other thrilling new features. With exciting player animations and pickup-and-play controls the The BIGS™ 2 baseball delivers an action packed experience.

The BIGS 2 on Wii features:
* Become a Legend Mode: This new and improved story mode picks up from the end of the original BIGS game as a continuation of the ‘Rookie Challenge’. Create a player, compete against baseball legends and progress your career through the big leagues and on to the Hall of Fame. Earn rewards and update your character’s appearance as you try to become the greatest player of all time!
* Season Mode: Take your favourite team through an entire season. Trade players, change your line up and enjoy the full MLB schedule and stats.
* Arcade Fun: Bigger and better arcade baseball action, featuring an enhanced perfect pitch and a more powerful big slam.
* Home Run Pinball: Compete on your own or with a friend in a variety of unusual locations, including Las Vegas, New York’s Times Square and Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.
* Mini Games: Test your hitting, fielding and throwing skills against baseball stars in several fun new mini-games.
title (DE)The Bigs 2: Baseball
synopsis (DE)Die großen Ligen jetzt noch grösser!

Season-Modus: Auf Wunsch der Fans erwartet dich ein neuer Season-Modus mit MLB-Spielplänen, Statistiken und Kader Management

Home Run Pinball: Rasante Einzelspieler- und Multiplayer-Action in Las Vegas, Tokio und an zwei weiteren Location

Minispiele: Miss dich als Schläger, Werfer und Läufer mit den Stars der MLB

Verbessertes Gameplay: Größere und bessere Arcade-Action, legendäre Catches, Batter's Wheelhouse und noch effektivere Big Slams

"Become a Legend-Modus": Erstelle einen Spieler, führe in aus einer mexikanischen Liga in die Majors und schließlich in die Hall of Fame. Im Laufe deiner Karriere kannst du dabei gegen einige echte MLB-Legenden antreten.

Englische Originalversion mit deutschem Handbuch!
title (ES)The Bigs 2: Baseball
synopsis (ES)¡Celebra los grandes momentos de la historia del béisbol de una manera completamente nueva! Los fanáticos podrán vivir en carne propia algunos de los partidos más legendarios junto a sus estrellas favoritas, poniendo a prueba sus habilidades en cada uno de los desafiantes minijuegos disponibles.
title (ZHTW)大棒球聯盟2(歐)
title (ZHCN)大棒球联盟2(欧)
developer Blue Castle Games
publisher Take 2 Interactive / GameTek
release date 2009-8-28
genre sports
rating 3

players 4
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories classic controller
online players 0


The Bigs 2: Baseball Wii cover (RKVP54)

The Bigs 2: Baseball Wii cover (RKVP54)

The Bigs 2: Baseball Wii disc (RKVP54)


The Bigs 2: Baseball Wii cover (RKVP54)

The Bigs 2: Baseball Wii cover (RKVP54)


The Bigs 2: Baseball Wii cover (RKVP54)

The Bigs 2: Baseball Wii cover (RKVP54)