RKGEGY - Bratz Kidz: Slumber Party

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN, FR, ES
title (EN)Bratz Kidz: Slumber Party
synopsis (EN)Welcome to the Bratz Kidz Slumber Party! Join your favorite Bratz Kidz characters for a game filled with all the fun of a late night party – no boys allowed!

Yasmin is hosting a sleepover. As our 4 girls look through Yasmin's photo album, they remember all their craziest times together and embark on an adventure based on each of the memories in the album! Explore the adventure mode or dip in and out of a series of fun mini games where you customize your favorite Bratz Kidz characters. You can also make a delicious pizza for your girlfriends, take stylish photos, create your very own clothes and much more in this sassy sleepover!

Select, customize and play with your favorite Bratz Kidz. Jade is really respectful, Sasha is very dynamic, Yasmin is self-confident and Cloe is sweet – and of course they're all sparky, adventurous and cool.

Join the Bratz Kidz Slumber Party in this sleepover themed world with an adventure based on Jasmine's photo album full of memories. The game stimulates the player's creativity and imagination with focus on fun, fashion and glamor! The kidz with a passion for fun are waiting for you to arrive...
title (ES)Bratz Kidz: Slumber Party
synopsis (ES)Únete a la fiesta de pijamas de las chicas Bratz, en donde vivirás una divertida aventura a través del álbum de fotos de Jasmine. Una aventura que estimulará tu creatividad y tu imaginación... ¡con mucha diversión, moda y glamour!
title (ZHTW)貝茲娃娃(美)
title (ZHCN)贝兹娃娃(美)
developer Neko Entertainment
publisher The Game Factory
release date 2008-11-11
genre party
rating E

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Bratz Kidz: Slumber Party Wii cover (RKGEGY)

Bratz Kidz: Slumber Party Wii cover (RKGEGY)

Bratz Kidz: Slumber Party Wii disc (RKGEGY)