RF8K69 - FIFA 08

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region NTSC-K
type Wii
languages KO
title (EN)FIFA 08
synopsis (EN)Play FIFA Soccer 08 to take your favorite team and players to Cup glory. Mesmerize defenders with authentic individual skill and play like a real soccer player. Now you pass, shoot, and perform trick moves all with a flick of the wrist. Dictate the play with all-new controls for through-passing and crossing, or control your goalkeeper in one-on-one situations to deny an onrushing striker.

FIFA Soccer 08 delivers complete authenticity with licenses for all of the world’s top leagues, including MLS and Mexican 1st Division in North America, and 28 others from more than 20 nations. This year you can choose to play with one of over 570 licensed teams and more than 14,000 players to win glory with or against up to three of your friends.

One minigame makes a rhythm game out of the familiar keep-the-ball-in-the-air drill. When the ball drops into a target circle, flick your Remote in the direction shown by the arrow.

Other minigames include Foosball, with unlockable tables, and a shoot-out in which multiple players can bombard one poor goalie. The low scorer becomes the keeper in the next round. Both the shoot-out and rhythm minigames will have plenty of power-ups.

All three minigames give you the option of playing with a Nunchuk or, if you don’t have enough to go around, the Remote only. By tracking winds, losses and even calories burned, the minigames will foster friendly intra-family rivalry. You can even unlock “Ronald-mii-nho,” the Mii version of Brazilian superstar (and FIFA cover athlete) Ronaldinho.
title (ES)FIFA 08
synopsis (ES)¡Vive la atmósfera de los grandes partidos en tu cuarto de estar, y deléitate con cada tiro y cada entrada como si estuvieses en el campo! Y todo, gracias a las características que sólo Wii tiene. Elige entre 570 clubes reales y miles de futbolistas profesionales, todos al servicio del deporte rey.
title (ZHTW)FIFA足球08[WiFi](韓)
title (ZHCN)FIFA足球08[WiFi](韩)
developer EA sports
publisher Electronic Arts
release date 2008-4-26
genre sports, soccer
rating ALL

players 4
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 2
online features online connectivity


FIFA 08 Wii cover (RF8K69)

FIFA 08 Wii cover (RF8K69)