RB2PGT - Pop!

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region PAL
type Wii
languages EN, DE, IT
title (EN)Pop!
synopsis (EN)POP! is a fast moving action puzzle game where players use the Wii remote to aim the pointer and pop coloured balloons.

When a chain of 3 or more balloons is created, the chain is eliminated until the screen is cleared. Players can choose from three exciting game modes:

* Story Mode: the goal is to pop all the balloons and clear the screen. As the game advances so does the difficulty!
* Puzzle Mode: Eliminate all the balloons within a selected number of moves in order to clear the stage
* Challenge Mode: two players battle against each other to clear their side of the screen. Single players can also play against a computer player.

* Fast paced action puzzle gameplay
* Easy to use controls utilising the Wii remote to pop balloons
* 3 exciting game modes to challenge all players
* Two players can battle head to head or single players can challenge a computer opponent
title (DE)Balloon Pop!
title (ES)Pop!
synopsis (ES)Pop! es un juego de rompecabezas a contrarreloj donde los jugadores apuntan a la pantalla con el mando de Wii para reventar globos de colores. El objetivo del juego es reventar 3 o más globos juntos para así ir eliminando las filas de globos hasta limpiar por completo la pantalla.
title (NL)Pop!
synopsis (NL)Pop! Is een snelle actie puzzel waarin je als speler de Wii-mote gebruik om te richten. Schiet de ballonnen kapot en maak combo’s. Wanneer een ketting van drie of meer ballonnen is gemaakt, is de ketting geëlimineerd tot het scherm leeg is.

Snelle actie puzzel gameplay
Gemakkelijke besturing
Drie spannende game modi
Speel één tegen één of tegen de computer
title (ZHTW)氣球泡泡(歐)
synopsis (ZHTW)POP! 是款快速移動的動作益智遊戲,玩家使用 Wii 遙控器瞄準色球,當產生 3 個以上的氣球鏈就可消除直到畫面中的色球全部消失。玩家可選擇以下三種遊戲模式:
* 故事模式:目標是消除畫面中所有色球,隨著故事進展困難度會增加。
* 解謎模式:依順序消除指定號碼的色球。
* 挑戰模式:雙人挑戰,可以是玩家對玩家,或是玩家對電腦。
title (ZHCN)气球泡泡(欧)
synopsis (ZHCN)POP! 是款快速移动的动作益智游戏,玩家使用Wii 遥控器瞄准色球,当产生3 个以上的气球链就可消除直到画面中的色球全部消失。玩家可选择以下三种游戏模式:
* 故事模式:目标是消除画面中所有色球,随着故事进展困难度会增加。
* 解谜模式:依顺序消除指定号码的色球。
* 挑战模式:双人挑战,可以是玩家对玩家,或是玩家对电脑。
developer Dreams
publisher 505 Games
release date 2008-2-29
genre puzzle
rating 3

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Pop! Wii cover (RB2PGT)

Pop! Wii cover (RB2PGT)

Pop! Wii disc (RB2PGT)


Pop! disque Wii (RB2PGT)


Balloon Pop! Wii cover (RB2PGT)

Balloon Pop! Wii cover (RB2PGT)