R9NPMR - Family Fortunes

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region PAL
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Family Fortunes
synopsis (EN)The TV game show everyone knows! Sets, family teams, survey questions: even down to the instantly recognisable "uh-uhh" sound from the scoreboard. Family Fortunes brings this family favourite direct to your fingertips! Introduced by Vernon Kay, two family teams of five members must guess what "100 people surveyed" had said to a question. The 'Top Answer' survey results are revealed on the big board and somewhere within the answers is a bonus prize!

Special Features:

4 family teams available to play, solo player or two player/family modes.

Wii Remote control with 'Mii' creation in-game.

Play Single, Double or Big Money rounds for a bigger jackpot win.

Commentary supplied by Vernon Kay also characterised in game.

Music and iconic "uh-uhh" and "bing" sound effects used in-game.
title (ES)Family Fortunes
synopsis (ES)Participa junto a tu familia de su juego favorito de preguntas y respuestas en la comodidad de tu sofá. ¿Eres capaz de adivinar lo que respondieron más de 100 personas a cada una de las insólitas preguntas de este concurso?
title (ZHTW)家族財富(歐)
synopsis (ZHTW)本作將最受英國家庭喜愛的一個電視節目帶到了您的手上!像在電視中一樣,比賽規則由Vernon Kay介紹,兩個分別由五名隊員組成的家庭將猜測100人調查團對問題回答的答案。最接近原答案的在大屏幕上顯示,而其餘接近答案的也能得到獎勵!所以說它考驗的是誰更瞭解大眾的觀點。

為了增加真實性,電視節目中的音樂和聲音「uh-uhh」和「bing」以及Vernon Kay的評論也被用在了遊戲中!
title (ZHCN)家族财富(欧)
developer Slam Productions
publisher Mindscape
release date 2009-10-23
genre trivia, party
rating 3

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Family Fortunes Wii cover (R9NPMR)

Family Fortunes Wii cover (R9NPMR)

Family Fortunes Wii disc (R9NPMR)