LAHJ - Space Harrier

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region NTSC-J
type VC-SMS
languages JA
title (EN)Space Harrier
synopsis (EN)Space Harrier was originally released in arcades during the 1980s and was developed by AM2, which also developed OutRun and Afterburner. With its distinctive, colourful graphics and its fast-paced action, Space Harrier is widely recognisable to arcade fans across the world!

The SEGA MASTER SYSTEM version is considered a solid port of the arcade game, containing all 18 levels of intense fun.

As the Space Harrier, you must fight your way through The Land of Dragons and defeat the bosses at the end of each level to restore peace to the land. Are you prepared? Get ready!
developer Sega
publisher Sega
release date 2014
genre action, shooter

players 1
req. accessories
online players 0