GCZE69 - Catwoman

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region NTSC-U
type GameCube
languages EN
title (EN)Catwoman
synopsis (EN)Based on the movie, Catwoman follows the story of Patience Philips, who is killed after she uncovers a dark secret held by her employers. Brought back to life by a rare Egyptian cat, she becomes Catwoman and sets out to discover the truth about herself and her murder. Players encounter key characters from the movie, including challenging bosses such as Armando, Hedare's head henchman and Laurel Hedare, the beautiful face behind the evil empire. Boasting incredible acrobatic skills, Catwoman can leap across roofs, run up walls, pounce on prey, utilize unique "cat senses," and avoid enemy bullets with feline grace. In addition, players can use Catwoman's whip to swing through the air and utilize the fully interactive enviroments to trap or knock her foes unconscious. The game features seven different locations from the movie, including the jewelery store, the Hedare Factory, mansion and grounds.
developer Argonaut Games
publisher Electronic Arts
release date 2004-7-20
genre action
rating T

content violence, mild language

players 1
req. accessories gamecube pad
online players 0
version (1)


Catwoman GameCube cover (GCZE69)

Catwoman GameCube cover (GCZE69)

Catwoman GameCube disc (GCZE69)