DP4A - Piirates

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type Homebrew
title (EN)Piirates
synopsis (EN)Piirates is a Wii Homebrew game made by sebskater29.

Piirates is a game where you control a ship. In the arcade mode, you must navigate through the levels, which end when you reach the buoy. To achieve this you will have to find a path between the enemies, and shoot the switches to open the corresponding gates.

In versus mode, you battle your friends. The 2 game modes are playable by up to 4 players.

The boats have 2 health's bars, the top bar represents the hull of the boat, if it reaches 0, you sink. The lower bar is the bar life of veiling of the boat, if it reaches 0 your boat will be greatly slowed.
developer sebskater29
publisher sebskater29
release date 2011-6-2
genre arcade

players 4
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0


Piirates Homebrew cover (DP4A)

Piirates Homebrew cover (DP4A)