BLJM61211 - Biohazard HD Remaster

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ID BLJM61211
region NTSC-J
type PS3
languages JA
title (EN)Biohazard HD Remaster
synopsis (EN)A remastered version of the 2002 Biohazard remake. The game was only released in physical form in Japan.
title (JA)バイオハザードHDリマスター
developer Capcom
publisher Capcom
release date 2014-11-27
genre horror, action, survival horror
rating D

content horror, violence

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0
save blocks 0


バイオハザードHDリマスター PS3 cover (BLJM61211)

バイオハザードHDリマスター PS3 cover (BLJM61211)