BLES02136 - J-Stars Victory VS+

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ID BLES02136
region PAL
type PS3
languages EN
title (EN)J-Stars Victory VS+
synopsis (EN)Get ready to battle it out as the most famous manga and anime stars of Shonen JUMP magazine’s 45 year history in J-Stars Victory Vs+! Take to the arena as Son Goku or Vegeta from DragonBallZ; take down your friends in multiplay as Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece or your favourite Naruto characters, and advance through the brand new arcade mode as Ichigo Kurasowa from Bleach! Players will be spoilt for choice with a huge choice of 52 characters from 32 of your favourite shonen franchises. Anime and manga fans are guaranteed epic battles with the 2 vs 2 team battle system offering a real challenge for fighting fans as it combines tough, strategic and exciting special combos and attacks.

J-Stars Victory Vs+ celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Shonen Jump magazine and the 20th Anniversary of the V Jump magazine. The games invites fans and gamers to play as their favourite anime and manga characters and battle their way through different environments from their favourite series. Are you ready?
developer Spike Chunsoft
publisher Namco Bandai Entertainment
release date 2015-6-26
genre action, fighting, 3D fighting
rating 12

content violence, online

players 2
req. accessories pad
online players 0
online features online, download, score
save blocks 0


J-Stars Victory VS+ PS3 cover (BLES02136)


J-Stars Victory VS+ PS3 cover (BLES02136)